Drug Testing

Herndon Drug Testing Services

At Oliver Chiropractic & Acupuncture, we understand the value of a drug-free workplace. We perform company drug testing for Herndon employers who want to maintain safe, productive work environments, and we take our commitment to accuracy seriously. We also offer convenient and affordable drug testing solutions for private patients, who receive free consultations with our Herndon chiropractor for every drug test.

Schedule Company Drug Testing in Herndon, VA

We make it easier to screen your employees. Schedule your company drug tests through our practice to enjoy the following benefits: 

  • Speed up your hiring process – Our eScreen drug tests are paperless and automated, preventing laboratory and paperwork delays while decreasing the time it takes to collect, analyze, and receive results
  • Save money per employee – Our electronic system is much more affordable per hire than alternative testing methods, and drug testing in general is a great way to prevent the risks and expenses related to employee substance use, from high insurance premiums to absenteeism and accidents
  • Rely on our results – eScreen's precise, innovative technology is faster than laboratory methods but just as accurate 

We collect the following specimens for analysis, depending on your needs:

  • Urine

Our collection methods are flexible, allowing us to test for a wide variety of substances and meet the specific screening requirements of different jobs. We offer the following drug and alcohol tests for employers, insurers, government agencies, and other third parties:

  • Pre-Employment – Our pre-employment screenings allow you to base hiring decisions on negative results
  • Post-Employment – We screen employees after they leave safety-sensitive positions or experience a workplace accident
  • Random – We will schedule screenings and randomly select employees to take them
  • Return-to-Duty – We perform follow-up drug and alcohol screenings for returning employees after positive tests
  • Department of Transportation – Our staff is certified and prepared to help DOT employers meet federal regulations for employee drug and alcohol screening, including required DOT physicals, DOT breath alcohol tests, and random screenings

We also perform physical exams to measure applicants' abilities to perform job duties or meet certification criteria.

Plan Ahead with an Individual Drug Test

We also offer drug testing for individual patients. Before you agree to take a pre-employment test, take your own test to find out what to expect. Individual drug tests also offer peace of mind to employees who may face random screenings in the near future.

Enjoy a Free Consultation with Our Herndon Chiropractor

At Oliver Chiropractic & Acupuncture, we know your choices and surroundings affect your body in many different but interconnected ways. That's why every drug test comes with a free chiropractic consultation. Dr. Chris Oliver uses drug-free techniques to cleanse toxins, relieve pain, reduce stress, and more. During your consultation, he will answer your questions, evaluate your symptoms, and recommend all-natural treatments or diagnostic methods if you could benefit from chiropractic care.

Call us today at 703-904-8528 to learn more about our drug and alcohol screening services

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